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DAIRY FOOD BULGARIA OOD specializes in the production and the sale of milk products and imitating products.
Yellow cheese of cow milk

Yellow cheese of cow milk. It is made of thermized whole fat milk with added yeast of lactic acid bacteria, through rennet coagulation, undergone the required processing and the whole process of ripening, intended as food. The yellow cheese has the following distinctive features: light yellow colour, hard homogeneous structure, low salt and water contents, durability and extraordinary taste. It is a type of hard cheese. It is widely used as an additional component in various dishes and is one of the main food products for direct consumption and offers wide options for versatile application in cooking. The yellow cheese we produce is offered on the commercial market in vacuumed packages in different sizes.
It is offered under the brands Belcho i Sivushka and Za Gosti.

Pineapple salad with yellow cheese and walnuts

400g. canned pineapple
150g yellow cheese "Belcho i Sivushka"
2 cloves of garlic
a handful of walnuts
150 g mayonnaise

• Cut the pineapple into cubes
• Grate the yellow cheese or cut it into cubes
• Chop the walnuts
• Press the garlic
• Mix all the ingredients together with the mayonnaise

DAIRY FOOD BULGARIA OOD specializes in the production of milk products and imitating products.



DAIRY FOOD BULGARIA OOD specializes in the production of milk and milk products, and DAIRY FOOD BULGARIA specializes in the trade of milk products. The companies have the same capital structure.

Partners and distributors across the country - North and South Bulgaria, and a large region from the seaside.

The logistics of the production is performed by our trade company DAIRY FOOD BULGARIA through its refrigerated trucks and vans.

Abroad - we work with partners from Romania, Spain, Cyprus, Greece and Portugal.