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DAIRY FOOD BULGARIA OOD specializes in the production and the sale of milk products and imitating products.

DAIRY FOOD BULGARIA DAIRY FOOD BULGARIA OOD has two milk processing factories.The one is located in an ecologically clean area in the CENTRAL BALKAN MOUNTAINS village of Gostilitsa and the other is in the town of Sevlievo. The region is known for its many-year production of traditional Bulgarian cheeses and yellow cheeses and other milk products of cow, sheep and buffalo milk. The company invested in protection of the environment by putting into operation a modern facility for wastewater treatment at the beginning of its business activities.

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The main advantage of DAIRY FOOD BULGARIA OOD is that almost all the milk processed by the company comes from elite farms provided by the logistics company DAIRY FOOD BULGARIA that has own milk tanks. The capacity of the factory is about 900 tonnes of finished product per month.


- Our most popular brand is MANCHO I RUMKA
- The logos DAIRY FOOD BULGARIA are also used as brand
- Currently, our latest trademarks GOSTILITSA, BELCHO I SIVUSHKA, ZA GOSTI and DON PIZZO are being developed under which products of "top quality" are sold.
- By customer request, we can produce products under their brand.

Storage and distribution of products is carried out by a distribution centre located in the town of Sevlievo.

Total area – 1 250 sq. m.: refrigeration area - 770 sq. m., dry storage area - 330 sq. m., office - 150 sq. m.

- The experience of good manufacturing practices – GMP is used
- Continuously monitoring of the quality of incoming raw materials and outgoing products
- Physical and chemical indicators of the products produced by us are controlled by authorized and certified laboratories.

The staff working in both companies are young and ambitious professionals with experience of over 10 years in the production and marketing of milk and milk products.

The two companies employ more than 100 workers.

DAIRY FOOD BULGARIA OOD specializes in the production of milk products and imitating products.



DAIRY FOOD BULGARIA OOD specializes in the production of milk and milk products, and DAIRY FOOD BULGARIA specializes in the trade of milk products. The companies have the same capital structure.

Partners and distributors across the country - North and South Bulgaria, and a large region from the seaside.

The logistics of the production is performed by our trade company DAIRY FOOD BULGARIA through its refrigerated trucks and vans.

Abroad - we work with partners from Romania, Spain, Cyprus, Greece and Portugal.